The intention for tAB was to find new ways to collaborate and avoid the silos I had seen limit creativity in the past.

— Becky Barbaro Sant

‘In 2016 tAB was born, with the intention of finding new ways to collaborate and avoid the silos I had seen limit creativity in the past. I wanted to provide a platform where truly enthusiastic, creative, smart and ambitious individuals could work together, on projects that inspire them, without having to be in a fixed location and work in the same teams day in day out.

Where we build the team around the project, from a long list of collaborators who respect each other, which delivers truly outstanding work for clients. Work that pushes the boundaries, and doesn’t necessarily follow the trends - that’s where ‘unorthodox’ comes in.’

Becky started working at a young age. Her non-traditional path took her to the UK to study and work, to New York; for a stint with the Brooklyn Brothers, and to many other countries in between. Along the way she observed, listened and learned - life’s lessons, creative lessons, hard ones and inspiring ones.

Anyone meeting Becky will be energised. Apart from her natural sparkle and immediately evident creative mind, she’s an active part of the Malta Creative Collective and the Young Chamber Network. She’s also a member of Vistage, set up What’sHappening Malta, as well as a host of other local initiatives. She has boundless energy and passion for ideas, and for people. And this is what sets the tone for tAB and our partners.

Our brand principles reflect her personal attitude, which is authentic in itself; Simply, to bring fresh, meaningful ideas to the world; Through being honest partners - always humble, open minded and not hiding from the truth because it is had to express. Through an innate curiosity in the world and for people, for seeking the truth, uncovering a detail which everyone else missed;

‘What ever you’re going in for, don’t do it without being curious. What’s being done now, can be done differently. Not just for the client and the projects in front of us, but for the industry, the world at large and the people we are trying to talk to.’

And of course, through being creative rebels - pushing the boundaries, and sometimes nervous clients, to be bolder and braver. To unearth new ideas that don’t just push brands and messages at people, but are intriguing, challenging and truly holistic experiences.

Today, tAB has a diverse portfolio of clients and projects, intentionally curated to keep us on our toes and push us to find new collaborators with different skills.

And so our network continues to grow as we engage new talent and new leaders, experts in their field; encouraging the drive to support the remote working vision, helping hardworking individuals to work on their terms, on projects which excite and inspire them, and as a result, delivering outstanding and unorthodox work for our clients.