I worked with Becky on a couple of projects and concepts addressing different marketing needs and aspects. Becky’s work was always impeccable and delivered with deep insight, dedication, and great effort. Becky is a talented, creative and meticulous. I worked with her with pleasure and would definitely recommend her as a freelance marketer and strategist.

Marylise Fenech

Rebecca handled some of our creatives at SiGMA in Malta. She exceeded all expectations. Her creative flair is second to none. She understands what the client wants and goes overboard to make it work. Our Group will rely on her expertise over and over again.


Rebecca is a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. She usually co-ordinates our projects and always handled the position fairly and always took the initiative to make sure that the work was done exceptionally well and she is also able to communicate effectively with everyone. With her relentless motivation and her knowledge, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to all her employers’ customers. She is an excellent fit to Red Orange and we always look forward to working with her.

Maria A.

Rebecca is a competent professional with a keen eye for detail. Her exceptional creativity skills and out of the box thinking enable her to deliver cutting edge solutions to her clients. Her pleasant personality and outgoing approach helps her tremendously to engage with customers and understand their requirements effectively. Rebecca can be an asset to any organization where her commitment to clients is beyond reproach.

Joseph Cuschieri

The first time I met Rebecca, I immediately felt comfortable. The attention she pays to you and to understand your needs is over the top. She's always focused, precise, efficient, responsive and her professionalism make me feeling in good hands. I surely recommend her, also as the right entry point to get the feeling of the company she's working for.

Alberto De Nova

Becky is a highly enthusiastic and pensive individual with a keen eye on anything creative. Her analytical skills help her get to the deep and important WHY of concept work and her drive to achieve a high level of quality is what makes her work stand out. She's also great fun to be around!

Peter Grech

Becky is a fantastic person to work with. She has great ideas, is innovative and is always fun to be around. She is so organised and never misses a deadline. She is brilliant in her field and would recommend her and her services any day!

Jeanine Sladden

Rebecca is a fresh alternative to modern-day marketing and branding. She managed to mingle with our team and has been a key enabler in our change process to enhance our marketing strategy and strengthen the Tuning Fork brand. Her bubbly and creative persona coupled with her action-oriented approach have been critical to this success. Looking forward to more collaboration in this challenging marketing journey...

James Sammut

Rebecca Barbaro Sant is a true marketing expert and strategist. Worked with Rebecca on several projects, her professionalism and dedication are extraordinary. Rebecca is an expert in her role with an astute vision of all business aspects. With a determined and innovative business mind, Rebecca has a great potential within her industry. I would recommend to any company wanting to improve their marketing or strategy planning.

Miguel Spiteri

Having worked with Becky for the past year I state without hesitation that having her and the rest of TaB as branding partners is truly a godsend! Becky’s super creative thinking makes her innovative, groundbreaking and outright ahead of the game. Becky’s passion for branding coupled with her humble disposition create the right mix to drive any marketing project forward! Becky is real, down to earth and unassuming. Qualities which, give her the ability to produce very relatable marketing communications and win that audience you really need!

Ryan Buttigieg

Rebecca greatly assisted me in creating a brand and content strategy for an online casino. She truly understood our highly competitive market and how to position the brand effectively. Whether creating a brand or marketing an existing one, Rebecca has an innate ability to see your brand for what it truly is and provides such a clear perspective that makes marketing it so simple.

Nigel Renouf

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Becky on the new website for The Authentic Brief. She pushed us with her creative ideas which helped us reach a truly fitting and beautiful solution. I'm definitely excited to continue collaborating on new projects.

Paul Attard

Rebecca has helped exceptionaly with many different aspects of our business from design concept all the way to Marketing and Advertisement Strategy! She certainly knows how to create Brand Awareness! Projects we worked together on include www.myirishguide.com and both My Irish Guide and My Maltese Guide Apps. Looking forward to working with Rebecca again in the near future!

Stephen Place

Thank you for the training session you delivered to M&C. You managed to provide valuable insight, whilst keeping an open discussion and the team loved the approach!

Maurizio Cortis

Rebecca, thank you for the great cooperation! As always everything is at the highest level!

Anna Shvera

I have been working together with Rebecca on a few projects for only a few months now and I can already see (and feel) the value that she provides to her clients. Her approach is genuinely unique and it's like the ideas are constantly flowing through her. She knows what she's doing and talking about. She's a great person to team up with, as it's truly an honest and respectful collaboration. I'm so happy that we have crossed paths and can't wait to see what else we work on together!

Marta Rossetti

Highly recommended for professional branding with a touch of her own inspiration. She has created a powerful image for our companies, especially in the promotion through cutting edge stand designs for various international expos. All this is wrapped up with a smile and her beautiful personality.

Mark Luke Borg

Becky's ability to think outside of the box and bring new ideas to the table is incredibly useful for any start-up. Once she gets an understanding of the brand, she is able to provide a strategy to ensure that the target audience is fully engaged.

Jason Jones

Becky’s natural ability to unravel your brand’s personality and expand your ideas to exude your business’s full potential is nothing short of admirable. From the huge decision to bestow the perfect name for your startup, to developing the brand personality based on your own, and to delivering your brand’s promise. Wrapping up your project succinctly, she guides the way for an impactful, creative, and truly lasting presence in the market. We have been truly blessed to collaborate with The Authentic Brief. If there is any advice I can share, always team up with an expert to deliver your real story and your purpose. Your mind may be brimming with ideas and sometimes this can end up with a brand's final product being 'all over the place'. As a startup or any established business, one may be tempted to grasp at any straw, especially at this time. Becky, keeps you aligned and focused on your true passion, dissecting the purpose, tweaking and honing and finally letting your product shine. A lot of personal dedication and brainstorming goes into every aspect of building a brand, I have been so honoured to have The Authentic Brief by my side at every step of the way.

Nadine Muscat Cini

Rebecca’s vision for detail and flair for design knows few equals. It’s a true pleasure to work with her and to see her ideas evolving. She oversees the project from start to finish and follows up very diligently. I highly recommend her services without reservations.

Oliver Fenech

Rebecca has worked on a start up project. She is very creative and has a solid out of the box approach. She connected to the underpinning business model quickly and understood its drivers delivering some interesting ideas and concepts.

Josef Said

Rebecca is intriguingly creative and has a keen eye for positioning, style and visibility. She will leave no stone unturned in designing a well thought out strategy that will communicate to a variety of audiences in multiple channels. A well-rounded professional with a solid grip on the new marketing mix that brings results.

Esmeralda Micallef Zarafa

Rebecca is a young but accomplished marketeer and has been instrumental as part of the RedOrange team that delivered the I AM ABLE campaign that promoted equal opportunities for disabled persons at the workplace in 2016. The campaign was a great success and helped the Lino Spiteri Foundation achieve exceptional results, significantly impacting Malta's disability sector in employment. Her approach is friendly but professional. Rebecca is clear about her views, yet ready to accommodate to client needs and listen attentively before guiding towards a conclusion. I can wholeheartedly recommend rebecca for any similar role, and as a likeable person. Nathan

Nathan Farrugia

Thanks to Rebecca our sales showed a considerable increase and we were very pleased with her designs. Becky she is professional, creative and knows a thing or two when it comes to Marketing. It was a real pleasure working with her and I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Luke Borg

I worked with Rebecca for one academic year at UCA and found her very enthusiastic regarding her studies, in what was a difficult time of transition for both Rebecca and her peers. She handled the environment and situation with maturity and in many cases professionalism beyond her experience. Rebecca developed a very good understanding of creative strategy, and copywriting and has been, and remains eager to prove her abilities in these areas. I believe Rebecca has many attributes that will enable her to fulfill her true potential and successfully achieve her aspirations and would recommend her without reservation. I wish Rebecca continued success.

David Reid Anderson