Be part of the BRIEF

We're a diverse network of individuals who come together to develop unorthodox ideas and craft moments of connection between brands and people.

To do this, we need people from all walks of life, with different ways of thinking, approaching problems and finding innovative, yet practical and authentic solutions. What brings us together are our shared values.

Our shared values

Creative rebels

We love creative problems and finding unusual ideas to solve them. A non-agency model, set up differently to foster the development of truly unique ideas to stimulate the senses. We are actively adventurous and non-conventional. We keep our minds open and senses alert to the world around us, taking inspiration from the most unlikely places.

Curious humans

We build true emotional connections by listening and learning; authentic relationships based on understanding. We are on a constant journey of discovery, leaving no stone unturned. Fascinated by what makes people tick, and why. How the world works, the future, the past and our collective rollercoaster ride. As humans, we’re real, and we treat others as we’d wish to be treated. Faithful to our clients, we deliver on what we promise and go the extra mile to do the right thing, whatever that may be.

Honest partners

Always honest; to our clients, to each other and to ourselves. We strive to be authentic in our actions - telling the truth, and not shying away from difficult conversations. And we commit to being real partners, who genuinely behave as such, not just in the first few meetings. Working together to truly understand what sits under the surface, and to uncover the best solutions, ideas and way forward, unique to each client or business.


Brand Invigorator. Creative Director at the Authentic Brief.

Bringing together enthusiastic, creative, smart and ambitious individuals to work together, on projects that inspire them. Read more about Becky.

Alexey and Paul

Websites, landing pages and technical consultation

Alexey and Paul of wearegoat create digital experiences that tell stories. Specialising in beautiful designs and functional solutions.


Project manager and (studying to become) eco-designer

Whilst making sure everything happens exactly when and as it should, Abigail incorporates sustainability and eco-design into our projects whenever possible.


Brand strategy, marketing strategy and relationship management

Carly is a consultant with considerable experience in building brands and in marketing strategy, relationship management and wider business consultancy.


Architectural and structural engineering

Mark from MA Architects aims to construct spaces that are relevant to the place and people, sparking connections and giving purpose to the project at hand.


Brand and digital design

Based in Madrid, Borja runs creative studio AWAKE. They're passionate about applying the right combination of strategy and design to elevate every project.