Champagne Showers: Consultancy and event planning

Champagne Showers: Consultancy and event planning

When the guys at Champagne Showers asked us to support them in making their next event a success, we were more than happy to step into the ring.

The brief

Propose a theme for the latest annual Champagne Showers event worthy of the reputation already established by the brand. Set the bar with a party that’s not just extravagant for the sake of it, but has purpose, sparks a meaningful connection with guests, generates show-stopping content, and lasting memories.

Our thinking

As consultants for this project, we wanted to use this opportunity to embrace who our audience are as individuals and allow different talents, tastes, and styles to take centre stage. We needed an idea that could take fans of Champagne Showers far away from the dull routines of life and instead give them a feeling of freedom and creative expression.

So why not run away to the circus?

Coupled with a call to action to #bedifferent, a twisted circus theme gave us all the license we needed to allow the drama, glitter, and spectacle of showmanship to roar to life for a night partygoers wouldn't forget.

But, we also needed to be strategic. We know it takes more than a great theme to craft true experiential marketing. Lasting memories should make an impression on all the senses. So we suggested ideas that would create talking points at each stage of the event - before, during and after. Ensuring the magic of the circus began from the moment guests received a ticket, until long after the music faded. Here’s what we proposed.

Our proposal

To set the mood, VIP tickets were specially printed on textured boards, giving a small hint at the extra efforts that were to come on the night. As well as this we recommended using competitions to win tickets to generate hype, and a one-of-a-kind transportation experience where VIPs would share a ride to the venue in a party limo with all their friends, hilarious drag queens, and mystical fortune tellers. Something certain to make it onto social media. On the night itself, we needed ideas to make sure people knew that the circus had arrived. Guests were greeted by stilt walkers, glamorous performers, and service staff in full costume. Along with the smell of fresh popcorn, sweet candy floss, and hay to add the excitement and sense of stepping into “the big top”.

Once inside, partygoers could enjoy the circus theme as it sprang to life with performances by acrobats, dancers in cages, and drinks served by a troupe of staff dressed as ringmasters, clowns, and animals. We recommended decorating the venue with black and white lines, juxtaposed with bold vibrant purple to put Champagne Showers’ brand colours in the spotlight. And, for extra fun, we suggested light-up beach balls, luminous paint pistols, branded pool floats, and costume accessories for the guests to wear and get into the spirit of self-expression. Teaming up with Champagne Showers was a great experience. Of course, from the ideas we recommended above, the clients could pick and choose what worked for them - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

At the TAB, we add our creative strength to yours. When we’re working as consultants, our goal is to offer a variety of multi-sensory ideas that are strategic, pragmatic and meaningful. So that you have fresh concepts to scale up or down to suit your needs. And if you need someone who can make those ideas happen in practice as well as theory, we can do that too. So if you have a project that could use a creative boost, reach out. We would love to help.