Exhibition Stands In Malta - Stands Design For Valletta Pay

Exhibition Stands In Malta - Stands Design For Valletta Pay

Sigma and ICE London. Two iGaming festivals that attract huge crowds of attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors from all over the world. There’s a lot of competition and it's a big deal for any company invested in the gambling industry. So we were thrilled when Valletta Pay wanted us to design their stand for the second year in a row.

This time their stand was going to be bigger, 5x3m, their company had grown and they wanted a concept that would reflect their progress. So we focused on creating a one-of-a-kind stand to ace the competition and turn heads. Here’s how we did it.

Planning is everything

Any building project needs a solid foundation. For us, that comes in the form of an honest and detailed questionnaire that lays all the cards on the table and gets into the nitty-gritty of what the stand will require. Aside from aesthetics, there are practical aspects to consider too. How much storage is needed for fliers and merchandise? Will space and power be needed for laptops? Where will the staff who are working the stand put their jackets and bags? It’s this kind of planning that makes all the difference on the day. Once we have the answers to this and more, we’re ready to move forward.

Our concept

We wanted our stand to maximise space and allow Valletta Pay to host a full house of clients. So we raised the roof - literally. Valletta Pay was the only stand at the event that had a second floor with a private seating area for clients. And by collaborating with an architect to boost space efficiency, our stand could wow clients not only with its upstairs area but with a generous drinks bar, a second plush sofa area — and to keep things clean and tidy — ample storage and a coat rack too.

Visually we sweetened the pot with materials that suited the character of the company. Part of Valletta Pay's appeal is its warm, professional, and modern style. So we avoided cold corporate materials like metal and cheap plastic. Instead, we opted to use wood and quality perspex in Valletta Pay’s brand colours. Topped off with a bright red attention-grabbing V shape, inspired by the company name.

It wouldn't be us if we didn't think about all of the other senses too. As well as dominating the space visually, we proposed other ways for the team at Valletta Pay to stand out with bespoke scents made specifically for the event, and a dress style for the day which accentuated the professional yet friendly personality of the brand.

Finding the right team

The stand was a success at both Sigma and ICE, and there was positive feedback from festival attendees and Valletta Pay. They have even asked us to build their stand next year too.

A stand's success is a joint effort. As part of our process, we prioritise finding the right builders and architects who care about making an impact as much as you do. Creative partners who aren't scared of a challenge, and don't have "it can't be done" in their vocabulary. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have contacts that meet these criteria.

So if you have a stand or project that you need to raise the stakes, win clients, and beat expectations, contact us and let’s make it happen.