Stands Design In Malta - Synot Case Study

Stands Design In Malta - Synot Case Study

Synot Group is an international structure of companies who provide game content and cutting edge technology solutions. After seeing the success of our stand for Valletta Pay at the annual iGaming festival Sigma in 2021, they asked us to support them with their own one-of-a-kind stand for Sigma 2022. We were more than happy to join the team. 

Developing a plan to heat things up

As with all our projects, the first step is to meet with the clients to understand what they need to achieve and how we can help them do it. This year, Synot had three main objectives. They wanted a stand that would be welcoming, generate hype for their new Phoenix-inspired game, Fire Bird, and promote two different companies from their Group, Synot Interactive and Synot Games, as one. 

At an event where all the biggest players in the iGaming industry compete for attention, we knew the challenge with this stand was to meet the client's expectations without overloading visitors with information. We needed a stand with a unified look and a variety of different ways to communicate details about the company. Here’s how we did it. 

A stand idea to light up the senses

The first thing we needed to do was generate excitement and attract people to the space. So to catch the eyes of visitors, we created a [insert size] light-up Phoenix and fixed it on the wall of the stand for all to see. Not only did this grab attention and differentiate Synot from the competition, but our Phoenix's size and lifelike appearance offered the perfect Instagram opportunity for passersby. It didn't take long for news of Synot's new game to spread like wildfire. What's more, our Phoenix meant the Synot team had an easy starting point to chat with visitors and fire up their networking skills. 

Once we had a way to entice people to the stand, we made sure there was the welcoming environment our clients wanted ready for them. To achieve this, we stayed away from typical office furniture or cold plastic chairs. Instead, we opted for Zara Home lounge chairs made from natural wool. Pleasing to the eye, soft to the touch and comfortable enough to encourage clients to stick around and give the Synot team ample time to work their magic. 

But as well as being welcoming and comfortable, we wanted to make sure the space felt fun and engaging - Synot is a games provider after all. So we used different textures to create contrast and vibrancy. Using ropes, we designed a mesh-style semi-transparent outer wall so visitors could see into the stand and be dazzled by our Fire Bird Phoenix, whilst also providing a divider to retain privacy for any clients seated inside. 

Then to tie everything up, and ensure visitors experienced the stand as a unified brand identity, we stuck to the company’s design guidelines. The stand was shaped to match the Synot logo, used Synot’s brand colour red, and we put the Synot name in lights to make the whole installation pop. Then to give everyone a taste of what to expect from Synot's new game and provide another way for visitors to digest information, we had a screen showing a Fire Bird game demo, outlining key features of the game and company that clients would want to know about. 

The hottest stand with practical storage 

Whilst our concept ensured the Synot stand looked great and hit objectives, we knew that wasn't enough. For a stand to be a success, it has to be practical too. So as well as business goals, we think functionally and ask questions about what your team will need to work efficiently on the big day. Do you need a wardrobe for coats? No problem. What about a secure space for personal items like laptops? We can do that. How will you keep and chill drinks? Let’s put in a mini fridge. Have you thought about power sockets? Don’t worry we’ll include those too. 

We always make room for storage because it’s these nitty-gritty details that will enable your team to do their best. For Synot, they needed all of the above with enough space to store suitcases too as they were travelling from abroad. So we made sure room for their luggage was included. 

Sigma 2023, and 2024, and 2025…

The Synot stand was a roaring success. So much so that we're extremely happy that they have chosen us to design their next stand for Sigma 2023 as well. 

If you've got an important event coming up, or you know you'll be taking part at the next Sigma, get ahead of the game and get in touch now. Whatever your needs are, we can work with you to propose a design concept, find the materials and props, and oversee the production of a one-of-a-kind stand that’s sure to impress your clients. And to top it off, we know there are post-event practicalities to consider too. We facilitate the option for clients to re-sell their stands, donate furniture and props, or store their stands to reuse whenever they need them next. 

Head to our contact page to get in touch, we would love to help.